Make out..and he calls me a month later

so weird..i made out with this guy at the bar he walked me home.. spoke the nxt day..that was it..then after a month he texts me out of nowhere to hang out I couldnt..and now calls. but I didn't answer.. I honestly don't remember how he even looked lol my friend said he was really cute..i don't want to meet up especially if don't remember him much..only that we made out alottttttttt


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  • It looks like you'd like him, if you thought he was cute enough to make out with him when you first met him at a bar. And I guess you made out with him alotttttt, so I guess you thought he was real cute, too. I have to say, though, and I'm being real honest here not to criticize you but to be real honest - if you made out with him like that when you first met and he waited a long time to contact you again then he probably thinks your easy and isn't too serious about you. I'd imagine he's thinking "booty call" - so just know that if you decide to go into that.

    I know that it's a double standard, I'm a guy I would love to just meet up with a girl I just met that was really attractive and make out really hot, there's something steamy and sexy about that kind of encounter - but then the girl would get a label of easy and me a stud, most likely. Now it' the same interaction from both people, but one is getting praised while the other is being knocked down socially for doing the same thing based on gender. I don't like that on a fairness level but it's the way things are, really - so that's something to keep in mind. And from a guy's perspective I like that I would come out ahead in that scenario, so it's more incumbent on the female to just make sure you keep a guy in check and not let him get you to go there, he should respect that and most would. But if you give in to the temptation then any guy would take you up on it and you get the "easy" label from everyone including the guy - in retrospect it isn't worth it, especially with a guy you can't even remember.

    • Yea I agree with you.i made out cause I was so trashed honestly don't even know how it happened lol I don't do that..and he kind of knows it he walked me home I remember that and made sure I got in ok and stuff.. nd he knows I don't go out his text where like I know you don't go out nd stuff but come hang out I have people over bla I really doubt that he thinks I am easy and he knows I don't go out to bars much ..but who knows guess we'll c..i'll prob run in to him this semester..hopefully won't b

    • Wont be weird..

    • OK, then the thing is that you might want to go out with him when you meet him. The issue is that you have to just make up for the fact that you were trashed that one night and let him know that's not the real you then set up the pace of the relationship so he knows he has to respect you. After you are comfortable with it, you already know he's a great kisser so just work it so you are sure of everything else about him, too. Like how he treats you, acts.

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  • I gave this guy my number at the club and he randomly calls/texts me after long periods of time. I don't answer because he is a freak haha! But, I remember what he looks like and everything. If your friend remembers that he is cute and you tend to agree with her in terms of guys and their looks then you should go for it. He was obviously thinking about you which is why he randomly called/texted you. If you want you should take him up on that offer to hangout, but if you would rather move on just keep ignoring him and he will eventually get the idea that you don't want anything to do with him.

    • Haha ye I don't know how I don't remember how he looked! kind of do..great kisser though lol I don't want him to text me or call b.c. he thinks I am easy or something you know lol and I feel so bad rejecting the calls lol but I am super nice when he texts..poor kid is prob. confused lol

    • Yes! exactly....that is like my situation. I even got so annoyed of him that I told him I got a new number and gave him the number to the reject hotline! haha...I felt bad afterwards and he thought I was just kidding haha. Maybe tell him that if he is looking for another hook-up then you aren't that girl. If you want to meet him I would suggest a coffee shop or something. Then if you decide you don't like him then don't see him again.

  • Don't fall into it! DO NOT ANSWER HIS CALLS OR TEXTS! All he wants is one thing and one thing only. He remembers the making out. You're doing the right thing by not replying!