What should I do? I don't wanna lose her..

I'm getting close to this great girl we are getting alone really well and everything is going great yesterday we spent the whole day together alone and it was awsome the problem is she knew that some people are talking about her saying that she likes me and I don't like her back you know the usual gossip she told me today about it and she said that it bothered her greatly and she was like maybe we shouldn't be alone again and stuff like that I don't want this sh*t to affect the great thing we have but I'm afraid it already has what should I do?


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  • So let me make sure I understand: there are rumours going around that she likes you, but that you dislike her? Or just that you don't like her in that way?

    Whatever, either way, don't *let* it ruin what you've got :) Act the same as you normally do.

    If the topic (the gossip) comes up again, tell her that you don't care what others think, so long as it doesn't bother her. Make sure you say it like that: it doesn't bother you, unless it bothers her. Obviously also tell her that you DO like her - she's a great person (DON'T say friend unless you are only interested in friendship - you don't wanna friendzone yourself ;) or do you? >.>), and you like her company, etc.

    What do you think? PM me (or chat if I'm still online) if you want to go into more detail :)


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  • Just let her know exactly how you feel about her, everything you said in your description. Tell her to not let gossip ruin what could potentially be a great relationship. If telling her doesn't work then SHOW her what she means to you.

  • This is so common. If you let her know she's a great FRIEND she'll get the hint that she's friendzoned. There's really nothing you can do if she won't just remain friends with you.


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