Why trust and have faith?

Why should I even bother liking girls anymore? Whenever I like one, I never stand a chance: they never want to hang out or talk with me, they always have their own social circles (and a slew of guys that they can pick from). So it's like I have to try and integrate myself in her life. I've never had a girlfriend, and probably never will for that reason alone.

And even if I did get a girlfriend, how do I know she won't cheat on me?

There's such a stigma against guys, like we're all cheaters or something (false) but it seems like society doesn't care as much when girls cheat.

I'm not looking for a debate or a lecture about how my feelings are wrong, I only want possible reasons to keep the faith.

When it comes to love, I do not have the same chances and opportunities that other people have.


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  • With all the religious questions that have been saturating this website, I automatically assumed that this question was another one just by reading the title

    • bah, religion. don't get me started.

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  • You're thinking about it too much. Usually someone amazing comes along when you least expect it. It's because when you're enjoying yourself, enjoying your life, you give off a certain glow to people, and it attracts them to you. So learn to love who you are because there is a whole mesh of girls out there who are looking for a guy that is exactly the way you are. everyone has so many different types of preferences. So you are someone's type. don't worry. Love will come around when you have learned to love yourself fully

  • Don't give up, just don't think about it! You find things when you aren't looking for them. Just focus on your friends, school, job, sport whatever you do and who knows? Maybe the perfect girl will turn up before you know it! And when she does, don't write her off already, everyone's different and deserves a chance.

    • The perfect girl will not turn up and even if she does, she'll have her own life, her own friends, and her own reasons why I'm not what she's looking for.

    • Come on! Maybe your not what she's looking for because you always focus on the negatives! I'm sure one day you'll be happily in love, and you'll think back and wonder why you were so doubtful. Just look at the glass half full. I've never had a boyfriend, but I;m young and I know the time will come. Same for you!

    • I never focus on the negative. Only on this site do I harp about things.

      When I'm around the girl I like, I'm happy and myself - and it's never good enough. For anyone.

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