What are your thoughts on this dating situation? (a hotel room is involved)

So I have been talking to this amazing girl who I really like and she really likes me. We met online and have been talking over text, Skype, and calling for the last 2-3 weeks. We enjoy each time we Skype each other and are very excited to meet each other in person. We are as far as sending each other "like" letters in the mail, we both got rid of our dating site profiles, and I have bought her flowers for Valentine's day (hopefully she gets them) and she says she has a surprise for me when I come see her, so I am pretty excited for it.

She has a performance at her university where a friend of mine will drive me over to see her perform. She and I are going to hang out before her performance then after the performance we are going to hang out again. She says she has a hotel room reserved for her, I, and another couple. Of course I'm down with that but what should I expect? And is there anything I should do when I go see her?


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  • I would make sure you prepare for both scenarios just to be on the safe side. Depending on what type of girl she is, she may want to cuddle or more. Hope this helps!


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  • Just don't forget the gimp mask and assorted whips.

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