Guy really wanted to hang out but then stopped texting?

If a guy seems very interested in hanging out with you, but then when you have time to hang out he stops texting you, should you text him about making plans? Would he find it needy if I asked if he wanted to hang out again? Does he probably have other plans and doesn't want to tell me?

I don't know if I should text him again about meeting up but he seemed to want to before. He kept saying he would have no plans the next weekend because he wanted to hang out with me, then when the weekend came around he stopped texting me.


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  • Did you tell him at all that you did want to hang out or did you just kinda say OK yeah sure? If you didn't let on that your also interested chances are he gave up. It wouldn't be needy if this is the case, it would actually be good and let him know your interested in hanging out with him.

    • Last night I told him I was in town and asked if he wanted to hang out if he had time, then he said yeah and asked if we wanted to go to the movies, so I said yeah but only if he had time because I didn't want to ruin his plans. Then he stopped texting, then texted this morning and just asked how my night went, then he stopped again. I never actually said I want to hang out with you, I thought it was just assumed but maybe it's not as obvious over text. So, it wouldn't be weird to text twice?

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    • Anytime :) glad he texted back

    • Thanks :)

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