I love him but I think he is playing mind games...

i met this guy in 1998 just as a sex thing and I told him the way it wa going to be. He went along with it for the whole time we were together and he started getting feelings for me. I started to like him but wasn't getting as strong as his were. This lasted 6 years. I started getting deeper feelings for him but it needed to either go forward or we had to stop seeing each other. We couldn't stay away from each other. My father died and I didn't want to deal with anyone or be around anyone and he tried but knew I was distraught and he left me alone. Then, his son got killed and I talked to him and we kind of lost touch. Now it has been 13 years and he got in touch with me and said he loved me the whole time we were together. He has pursuing me & we finally got together then we fight & then talk again trying to figure this out. We still can't stay away from each other and he told me he loves me and when he thinks of me he just sees my beautiful face and and my eyes that melt him. He said he can't be friends with me because he loves me too much and he can't lose me. But I kind of stopped taking his call and avoiding him because he can be very possessive and moody & I sometimes think he is playing mind games but I love him. What advice can you give me because I am having a really hard time.


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  • Wow there is a lot going on here..I don't know what to say,maybe you both should get some kind of relationship counsel..Good luck I hope things work out for you soon cause I know it's got to be hard for you.