Most girls I attract are annoying...Why?

First of all I don't know anything about relationships I have never been in one and I am seventeen. Girls keep coming up to me and trying to talk to me. I don't like talking to people so I never say much to them. In my eyes I am making it obvious that I don't want to talk to them but they keep bothering me and it makes me mad. I have even told a bunch of girls to just flat out leave me alone. Sometimes I would like to have a conversation but I don't even know how to talk to the good looking girls. My face turns red and I get extremely uncomfortable then all that comes out are really stupid, mean spirited things. How do I get rid of the annoying girls and learn how to talk to the pretty girls?


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  • The pretty girls probably have the potential to be just as group of friends had girls ranging from super model gorgeous to downright ugly...and all in all personality wise we were all pretty close to the same. Maybe the girls that seem annoying to you are only being annoying because they don't know how to talk to you without being nervous just like how you have trouble talking to the girls you find attractive. Maybe to the girls you've had trouble talking to, you seem annoying.

    • Whenever a girl talks to me that I like the conversations are just awkward like we want to talk but just don't know what to say to each other. Any way to get past that?

    • In my experience, conversations only get awkward when one party doesn't really want to be talking to the other...maybe I'm wrong, but you need to step back for a little and maybe think about just trying to be a nicer person in general. Pretty girls like do just about all girls. If a girl sees you being mean to every girl that seems to want to talk to you then she's probably not going to want to talk to you nicer in general then prettier girls might approach you.

  • i get a passive aggressive snobby vibe from you. you're rude and nasty to annoying girls (are they are annoying because they aren't attractive?) but they're the only ones who approach you (wonder why?) At least you are attracting girls though. Some guys say they don't get approached by women at all.

    you aren't charming, friendly, outgoing or pleasant to hang around and you get nervous and flustered when talking to pretty girls you want to impress. not attractive.

    to be honest, I can't imagine meeting someone like you (based on this question) and liking you at all. sorry but you sound like a total ass! I think if you improved your personality and became more respectful to people and less judgmental, dating would get a lot better for you.

    • Sorry I came off on the wrong foot. I love to smile and talk. I probably joke around too much and I don't have trouble making friends it is just when a good looking girl comes around I choke up. The annoying girls are not unattractive they just seem to be trying too hard. I am very laid back so that makes them seem annoying. I don't dislike anyone just don't know how to have a serious conversation. That is what I meant to ask for help with..

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