How Can I Avoid Being "Fresh Meat"?

I am moving to a new town and in my past experiences with moving I tend to get hit on a lot for the first few months, sometimes for the first year.

So when I arrive at this new town, are there any ways I might be able to avoid this? Besides becoming a recluse who stays inside all the time. I've sworn off dating but I don't want to tell every one "no" constantly.

But in doing this, I do not want to lie, manipulate, or be something I'm not. I can't not be who I am, which is usually a nice, honest person.

And I am straight, so there are no "I'm a lesbian" possibilities. Besides, I wouldn't want to be set up with other girls.

So what are some turn offs to guys that maybe I can try out? Without lying, and yes, good hygiene is a part of me. I am not going to give up showering.

Am I just going to have to grin a bear it and turn guys down as politely as I can?

Of course I am hoping I'll just get lucky and no one will hit on me, especially since I'll have my three older guy cousins around and maybe guys will be too scared to ask me out.


But I can't rely on wishes.

Any advice?


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  • Don't become someone you're not.

    I always tell my friends: be yourself and don't worry about what anyone else is doing. You can't make everyone happy. The best thing you can do you and everyone around you is be yourself. You can't change the world around you. You can't change yourself from being 'fresh meat'. You can't change how people will act. BUT what you can change is your attitude. Just have a positive attitude on life and make sure you're happy before anyone else (I'm always put others needs in front of mine and this is really hard for me to do. I don't know if it applies to you but I thought it couldn't hurt). If they are persistent block their numbers or get your cousins to take care of them.

    You shouldn't stay inside. But you should not have to worry about getting hit on when you go out. Just focus on having a good time and you'll never have a bad time.

    You can't control how others will act or will say. All you can do is focus on your attitude. And that should be having a good time!

    P.S. Sorry I didn't give you any real advice lol

    • No you did. I guess I'll do just that. Have fun and deal with. If I can't avoid then I'll face it head on.

    • Having a positive attitude and just having a good time makes a big difference.

      I am empathetic because I know its awkward and annoying when you get those texts and when you see them in person.

      And if anything does happen, I'm sure the GAG community will be happy to help.

      I have some inspiring quote if you'd like on my profile

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  • No. Basically you are the new p**** in town. You just have to say no to all the horny boys that will be jacking off thinking about you.

  • Just tell them that you aren't interested in dating at this time.

    • Well I plan to, but guys have a habit of being persistent.

    • Then keep in mind that you owe them nothing once you've set your boundaries.

    • Yeah, I know. Still not going to be easy. Thank you though, I appreciate the advice.

  • Wear a fake wedding ring.

  • Stay in the fridge


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  • Don't feel the need to jump on the first couple guys who approach you. No need to be desperate. You don't have to date anyone you don't want to. You can't always 100% stop guys from approaching you, but you are going to have to learn to be assertive and talk to people. What are you scared of? If a telemarketer called you, and you werent interested in what they were selling, you would (hopefully!) politely end the call and hang up. that is if he directly hits on you. If you know he's into you, but he never actually comes out and hits on you, then you don't have to do anything.

    I think the big issue is that you should try to be more assertive and not be so scared of saying what you want. if you don't wanna date, then don't date and just say it. that's that lol it's not being mean.

    • Well I do tell guys that, I do stand my ground and if I say politely but firmly that I am not interested then you would think they would back off. But no. Doesn't work that way. They get pushy and mad and when I get pushed I push back and get mad myself after I've had enough. I'm trying to avoid that because there's always ONE guy who is as stubborn as I am and we bump heads.

    • All you can do is let them know you're not interested. If he gets pushy and mad, walk away, he's just shown you who's a jerk who wouldn't have been worth it anyway. The guys who act like that are the ones with the problem not you

    • Yeah I know. Usually I'm pretty good at controlling my temper but I'm becoming a bit fearless lately and my temper is coming out which I hate.