Are we getting closer or not?

okay I' ve been meeting up with this guy I really like... since December.. and we keep in touch a lot! Well last night we picked me up and we drove to town to have a drink it was a long 4 hour date . And we talked a lot and time the time passed I suddenly had an idea to play a game with him. Both of us could ask each other any question we d like to know about the other person , could be intimate, could be very personal , or random anything. SO his questions were : '' how come you have never had Boyfriend before'' . '' would you be ready to have a serious relationship now?''. characterize yourself in a few words'' . how often did you have something going on with a guy , which was almost serious? '' well mostly only stuff like that ... and while hewas thinking hewas kinda blushing and smiling all the time and hetold me he d like that game a lot .. even when we left the cafe he wanted to continue playing .. anyway so I don't know if this made us come a bit closer or not, and if those questions mean something?


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  • to me it seems like he really wants to know you and get with you. and that he's somewhat embarrassed asking those questions. so yeah. he likes you, and you probably got closer if you answered honestly.

    • hmmm yeah maybe well he told me he had enjoyed that game and he would want to continue playin it next time we meet :)

    • yep. no surprise. he wants to know you well quite simply.

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  • Sounds like he is interested in you and see if he has any or much competition

    • well we got into very serious conversation through all those questions. and he has gotten out of a relationship not so long ago , End of November I think or so and as I asked him : would you be ready for a serious relationship again, and he was very honest with that one : he was like : at first after ending my relationship I didn't wanna have one again .. but now I do yes. and ye well his answers were all pretty positive and honest :)

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