Can I text my boyfriend this soon?

Will choose best answer by the end of today.

There is something that is really bothering me that I want to talk to my boyfriend about because it is about our relationship.

I texted him yesterday asking how he was doing. I figured once I got a reply back I'd tell him that we should meet up and talk.

He hasn't replied back yet, so would it be okay to send him a text today? Or maybe his phone isn't working. So maybe I should send him a message on Facebook?

I'm just worried about smothering him, I guess. Thanks!


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  • ok so its already been a day, plus he's your boyfriend, so yes you can text him back, lol specially if there's something specific you need to tell him or talk about with him, good luck :)


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  • Call him stop with the messages and wndering of he read them

    • I really don't like talking on the phone though.. Maybe if this goes on for too long I will though.

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