Was I wrong to hang up on him?

I just met a guy that is about to deploy to afghanistan in March and we hit it off well. We don't want to rush into anything and we both want to get to know each other before he leaves and possibly keep in touch. Well his schedule is crazy and has an effect on the amount of time we spend together. He work from 5pm-5am every day and get 2 days off one week without weekend off and next week 2 days with weekend off. He is off every other weekend. Anyway we text every day and one day I Haven't heard from him. He stated he was sleep from 1pm after he got home from gym to 5am the next morning which I thought was odd but let him slide because I figured he was exhausted. We have been counting down to see each other since the last time we saw each other 2 weeks ago. He was telling me how he could not wait to see me and how frustrating it is because he has to work around his schedule to get to know me well. Yesterday after I got home from my sister track meet I text him (What are you up to?) and no answer...mind you I Haven't heard from him in 24 hours. I called him an hour later and left vm for him to call me when he can...I was ready to see him and thought he was too. He called me at 1:15 in the morning with a whole bunch of noise in the back ground (he said he just got to the bar) where we hung out before. I asked him what was up and he studdard I thought you were going to a meet. I said yea and I came back and text you. His answer was that he was at home. He didn't give me an answer as to why he didn't answer text. What was he doing between 8:30 and 1:15am? Anyway I hung up on him because I didn't like that answer and was irritated because I could not talk or hear him over that noise. He called me back two times within the hour but I didn't answer. I was disappointed because he said he wanted to spend time with me. Was I wrong to hang up him? He hasn't called today but I am not expecting him too. I just feel like he is not making any effort and he was honest about being at home but why would he wait to contact me few hours later? Do you think I should call him back?


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  • Yea call him back and let him explain what's going on. Tell him why you got mad and frustrated and just be open and honest with him. You gotta ease up a little because you guys are not officially in a relationship, and if you start acting clingy and angry, he may stray away. He may be physically and emotionally tired and then he has to go away next month. Just be a little more easygoing with him. I would try to spend as much time that you can with him, but don't get frustrated. If he doesn't hang out with you, that's his loss, he's missing out. You seem like a great girl so don't stress about it, just communicate with him and be honest. He seems like he really likes you so just make the best of it. Good luck with everything.

    • Yea I just called him no answer. I guess I have to give him time. I am glad I called next day though. Thanks for the info. You woke me up.

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    • Update: We talked and he said he just wanted to give me some time because he knew I was mad. He says he was also mad at himself for the way it went down. I told him that communication is the key. I guess I need to try to simmer down a lil. We haven't seen each other in like two weeks now because of our work schedules, but we text every day. Hard part is I want to continue to see him and trying to be patient.Thanks again

    • no problem, I had to get out of the clingy stage too with my boyfriend, so I started to put some distance between us, made him chase me a little. And as soon as I stopped being so attached to him, then that's when he started to get closer to me. It takes work but its all worth it. I wish you two the best, and anytime you need advice, I'm here.