Girls do not take me seriously when it comes to dating. What do I do?

Girls do not take me seriously or look at me like I'm worthwhile to date.

They always overlook me. Whenever I flirt, or try to reach out - they pull away. But when another guy does the same thing, they're all smiles.

Girls look at me like I'm asexual, and always go for another guy. Whenever I ask a girl to hang out, she always has an excuse - but she'll hang out with other guys.

Add that on top of the fact that girls always have their own social circles, which it makes it seem like I have to integrate myself into their world - and you will see why I will never have a relationship.

Don't tell I haven't found the right one, or whatever, blah blah blah that's all bs.

Girls just do not appreciate me.


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  • sry but I feel I should bring this up because no one else has, its possible your just not attractive to them thus they ignore you or overlook you because you don't catch there interest, its not just guys who are shallow girls can be very shallow too


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  • Maybe you come across a bit too strong, with your intentions I mean. You are probably the one chasing them and not the other way round. Girls love to chase a guy, if it's done in the right way.

    But I still fail to see what you are trying to say, is it something you do which turns the girls off or?

    • No, it's just me. Girls never chase me and never will

  • it is possible your doing something to turn them or do not realize your flirting with them or could be going after girls who have already friend zoned you

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