Why did she say this, if she's "talking" to someone else?

A girl I like is a dancer for the hockey team here in town. I'm not a hockey player, but I go to the games quite often and she knows I do. She said "why don't you ever come say hi to me" (she said this at the bar she works at as well) and I told her well because for one, I get shy around people I don't know (arenas, bars etc..) but also because I figure, if you want to be approached you'll ask me to come say hi. She was implying this of course but..according to her best friend, she MIGHT be talking to another guy. If she is, I don't want to be a home wrecker, I just want to know why she said that?


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  • um hate to burst your bubble but she could have just said that to be nice it doesn't necessarily mean she's into u, if she really is talking to another guy then that's probably what happened

  • Grow a pair or borrow them and just go over and say hi. "Shy" is an just excuse because it's not like you don't know her. She MIGHT be talking to another guy because she's not talking to you plus you'd be home wrecking if there was a "home" to wreck. Talking means nothing certain not with the guy or with you, it's just talking.