Shy or uninterested?

If a guy suggests hanging out ("hopefully I can take you out sometime?") and the girl agrees but he never actually solidifies plans, is he waiting for her to plan a date or just keeping her on the back burner?

  • He's just shy and waiting for her to make a move.
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  • I say "hang out" as well as it seems low pressure, especially compared to asking her out on a date. It seems a bit more casual. If he hasn't made plans, he's just seeing whether or not you would be interested in seeing him sometime.

    Put him on the spot next time and say you thought you were supposed to be hanging out soon.

    He does like you but maybe he's a little unsure of himself. Make sure he know you are genuinely interested in hanging out.


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  • if he doesn't even try to actually set a date so to speak then he probably doesn't care that much when you guys actually hangout, then again you have to take his personality into consideration if he's the really shy type he may be hoping you set it otherwise he may think your not interested, but more likely its the first one because even really shy guys will get bold enough if they really want to see that person and they're given an opportunity, they'll go ahead and try to set that date so to speak

  • Hanging out is in the friend zone category not the dating category.

    He could be shy, he could be unsure if he likes her, he could be waiting to see if she will contact him.


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