Why is he talking to me about other girls?

So there is no doubt in my mind that I am this guy's rebound. We've been casually having sex for about two weeks now. Alternatively, we've also been hanging out basically every single day, with intention of having sex or not. We text all day and, if we don't see each other at night, all night.

He's brought up some girl in a different city who is practically in love with him, telling me about how she's always saying she wants him to warm her up and blah blah blah. That was last night. Today he brought up this girl he tried to add on Facebook who was bitchy about it and yelled at him for it.

His breakup has been hard, but I'm kinda starting to like him. And I know I'm rebound, but he's really been my rebound to.

Why is he bringing up other girls? And what should I even do about this whole thing anyway?


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  • I kinda feel you are his friends with benefits. You already feel like a rebound and you're right. This is why he considers you a friend and is telling you about this girl and that girl. I don't think he's trying to make you jealous because it's not done in a smart way. He thinks you won't feel upset about what he shares with you about those girls.

    What should you do about it? That's your call. If you are happy being FWB/rebound, then it's all cool. You know why you're with him and he knows why he's with you. So, you shouldn't be mad at him. If you are developing feelings for him, then it is a problem because you aren't sure if it's mutual.

    You gotta make up your mind first. You gotta know what you want and if staying with him makes you happy. Hope this helps. :)


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