What just happened tonight?

So, the relationship between my crush and I has been, for lack of better words, fun and flirty. He goes grocery shopping with me, he checked on me when I was sick, he helps me with my homework, (for free now), we text back and forth a lot, he wants to do things together etc.

A week ago, I went on an, (awkward), blind date. I don't know what came over me, but I decided to text him about it the day after. We've never mentioned us dating other people before. He didn't respond much when I told him about it. He just laughed at the awkwardness, but said the date itself was excessive. Once I stopped talking about it, he started responding normally again.

Tonight, we were doing homework together. We were talking, and out of the blue, he starts talking about the girl he went to a wedding with this weekend/his date. He didn't talk about her for very long, but said that they slept in the same room, which he was happy about. (He doesn't plan to date her, however.) He never mentions that type of stuff to his regular female friends.

Then, he goes right to asking me if I have any plans for Valentine's Day. I said no, he said he didn't either, and there was a short awkward silence. Then we went back to talking and laughing again. He mentioned more things we should do together, and he never talked about his wedding date again.

...So, what just happened?


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  • He felt jealous. That's all about it. His ego pushed him to backfire at you.

    You weren't that considerate mentioning that blind date, according to him. He felt jealous and hurt a bit so he decided to do the same thing to you. He told you about that girl for you to feel jealous and to appreciate him more than you do. He stopped talking about the girl because he knew it was immature of him and because he really cares about you.

    I am definite that he likes you A LOT and thus he has all the right to feel even a little bit jealous. You telling him that you went on a date was like telling him that he doesn't satisfy you much and this is why you're trying your luck with someone else. This is how he thought of it. He felt hurt because he felt like he wasn't good enough for you even though he is sure that he has been showing you how much he likes you.

    Ego makes guys partially blind. He was driven by his ego but soonafter he knew how wrong he was. I believe he likes you to bits and I think you should go exclusive ;-)


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  • he was jealous. it pissed him off that you went on a date with another guy, even if it was awkward. After you told him that he thought maybe you just think of him as a friend so he told you about the girl from the wedding and asked about Valentine's day to test you. Based on your response he wanted to see if maybe you really do like him as more of a friend.

  • Well, sounds like you two have had the romance on your minds...I think he may have tried to directly approach the subject a bit, try and test the waters...don't know what kind of signals you may or may not have given him. According to the details your presenting, sounds like you think that his mentioning the wedding date was equivalent to you mentioning the blind date. That could be a tit-for-tat thing...taking a jab at each other...cause he might have assumed you two were exclusive and found the "blind date detail" contradicting it and hence thinking you two are not on the same page.

    I suggest not mentioning things such as the blinddates anymore. Giving him a few signals here are there. Give him that stare when you see him around that says something is going on!

    • Yeah, beforehand, we weren't talking about anything leading him into saying that. It was just an awkwardly placed, "So, at the wedding, my date was the groom's daughter, and..." He didn't go on and on about her though, and he never talked specifically about her aside from the sleeping part.

      Also, when I mentioned the date to him, I never intended to make him jealous. It was just a, "Oh, that was awkward and funny, I should tell him to make him laugh." We like to tell stories to each other!

  • he just needed to get that excitment off his chest... he just trusted to tell you .


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  • Well, I have done the same thing the boy did before, what he did was to get back at you , meaning he won't juss follow you around that he has other girls to fall onto when your releationship doesn't work . he doesn't want to give you a chance to walk all over him

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