Drunken texts/calls, how do you interpret them?

Does every guy think that a girl is looking for sex/"fun" when she texts him or calls him after a night out of drinking? I mean I have the tendency to text friends once I leave the bar but I'm not looking for sex...I just want to talk! lol

Also, I texted this guy I met on a dating website and we've never met but he lives in my hometown...we'll talk from time to time or text and of all things he offered to let me stay at his place the other night when I texted him and was telling him how my car was left at a local place and I had to get home but I couldn't drive. Is that not strange? He said he was just trying to be nice.


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  • You want to talk? Text a girlfriend.

    You want sex? Text a guy.

    I think most young guys would interpret a drunken text/call after closing time to be a potential booty call.

    • lol I'm with my girls...I just like texting...I usually text now rather than call but I mean IF I wanted a booty call...I'd be straight up and say it...and I don't know guys or text guys under the age of like 26. I'm usually an enjoyable person after drinking...the ride home just gets boring sometimes lol especially with people sleeping. So what about the one who offered to let me stay at his house when we've never met?

    • Booty call, obviously.

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