This girl that I have stopped texting for a couple of days, Has now started to text me again. What's going on?

I took a break at testing her because it seem like she was ignoring my text Friday so I stopped textin her for a couple of days. She text me yesterday and said " what up boo" , and then I said now I am yo boo. So she replied back and said "u ben my boo what you mean what you doin 2morrow", so I said I have nothen planned yet. I'm so confused at this girls actions because before she used to text me a lot and then the textin began to die a little, but we still talked. And I had asked her would she like to be more than friends and I said wanted to get to know her a little more. But one day I did something stupid, long story, and then she said she wats to be friends for now and that was a couple of weeks ago. So what

I am saying is she playing mind games or is she interested.

Now she wants to go out on a date with me, but I coudnt because I didn't have a ride because of my car is messed up. But she still offer to pick me up but I coundnt do it that day because I had a test to study for the next day, and had to say no. And now she seems mad at me does she like me or not?


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  • Um. I need to know what that "stupid thing" is that you did to answer your question. But for now it sounds like you just need to take things as they come. Stick around and let everything flow naturally. Don't force anything


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  • shes interested. but I think she's taking advantage of you for liking her. and she wants everything to be in her control.


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