Has anyone every revived an anonymous text or email?

Earlier this month I recieved a text that said "guess who cutie pie", I quickly did a reverse cell look up, but found that it was a text free pinger number so no info was give at all! So in replie I said I'm not into guessing games. And we left the convo at that, and I saved the number in my phone. Last week my friend and I had a sleepover and she started testing that number! I was against the idea but she persisted and the convo went ugly! My friend and the mystery person where very insulting and my friend called me out saying that I was the one wanting to know who this is, she threw me under the bus! Anyway I had a good idea if who it was, but whoever it was probably thinks I am a like every other teenage girl who is insecure and looking for attention and has every other personality flaws. But I am. the complete opposite from average I'm unique and outgoing and hate all the drama and emotional crap that comes with the teenage years! Plus the mystery person who I think is a guy friend of mine is now ignoring me! Which that's kinda upsetting! Anyway I have a plan which will set me at a good position with everyone even the mystery person and that is just to be nice to everyone and be my fun loving self! so don't you hate teen drama now?lol so if you have ever experience somthing like this what happened? Was it a good or bad experience? And so on:)


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  • Your mistake was replying to random texts. It could be some scammer or marketer fishing for phone numbers.


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