If a girl is giving you signs then you're good to go?

Sorry if this seems like an obvious question but I've never asked a girl out so I just want to make sure I got this right:

Say a girl isn't flirting with you directly but you can tell she likes you: Like she's nervous or she stares at you just a bit too long or she does any of these other tiny things that hint she likes you if you can read body language.

Or say she is flirting with you like flipping her hair around and maintaining eye contact and smiling and all that jazz.

Once you get these signals, this is the woman's way of telling you to ask for her number and ask her to spend time with you right? So if you're getting signals all you simply gotta do is say "hey , give me your phone number so we can do blah blah so and so on so and so day." And if she's been giving you signals she will say yes more likely than not right?

Again sorry if all this seems redundant but it's taken me a long time to figure out when a girl is flirting with me and what to look for when she's showing interest, so now that I have that figured out like it's second nature I think it's time to learn about the next step, specifically asking her out. That part seems scarier to me but I think it's just Because I haven't done it ever and so it's nervous to try something new that I could be rejected for.

Thanks again for explaining something that should be obvious to a dense guy like me!


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  • If a girl is giving the signs you mentioned, 9 times out of 10 she's interested. Go with your gut, too...if your gut says she's interested, she probably is. A lot of times, I'll be flirting with a guy, but they either don't get the hint or don't make a move, so I just give them my number/ask for theirs. For the girls that don't do that, though, they could very well be waiting for you to ask them, so I say go for it!

    • And then once I get their number and she says yes and gives it to me, my next step is to CALL her (not text right?) and make little chit chat and then invite her to something with me right?

      I've been getting better trust me lol. A few months ago I couldn't even tell when a girl was interested in me but now just very subtle things like her facial expressions and how her body language is around me automatically triggers that "gut" feeling you're talking about to let me know she likes me.

    • Hopefully with a little coaching, kinda like I was coached with fliritng, I'll be able to get phone numbers and take it to the next level. It's just I've never done this before like I said so I get a bit nervous whether I'm doing it right.

      So, first I see the signals, that means I've got the green light to get her number and casually hint at us doing something sometime. Then I call with specific plans and invite her to come with me. That sound like the obvious thing I should be doing?

    • Yes, that sounds like a good plan. Lol don't be nervous you sound like you're doing fine! A text convo isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I rarely have had guys I dated actually call to make plans, so that would be refreshing and make them feel girlie : )

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