Best way to go for a first kiss?

You're seeing a girl, and its finally time to kiss her. Guys, best way to do it?

Ladies, how do you prefer to be kissed for the first time by a certain guy?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just lean in...then wait a little bit...then finally make contact with her lips.

    Watch Hitch! or How I Met Your Mother -there's an episode where they talk about how to know when it's the right time to kiss

    If its the first time, I prefer for him to be confident and wait for my "look". Then I like him to lean in and do that little waiting thing, then make contact. And I like long, lingering kisses -at least if it's the first time.

    • perfect. I think she gave me the look last time but it was too soon for me to go in with confidence haha. If I get the look again this weekend its gonna happen ;) thanks.

    • you're welcome. Good luck ! ;)

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What Girls Said 2

  • Keep the kiss simple

  • Gauge her mood before you lean in with a peck. Keep it sweet and please avoid tongue unless she made the move. Make sure you hold her chin and make your intentions clear before you lean in. That way you'll both know if the other is okay with it.


What Guys Said 2

  • Just a simple kiss. Don't pull one of those "Virgin Couple" head swallows. Those wait till the wedding. Hehe

    And If you don't know what I'm talking about, Google/YouTube is your friend.

    • haha, I've seen that, pretty funny. But I've kissed girls before, I just always hate that first one. Especially if its not in a situation where your just chillin on the couch or something. Then you have to put forth a lot more of an effort...

    • Just wait for the moment. You'll know when it's supposed to happen. Just make sure that your ready for when it does.

  • Tell her to close her eyes and pucker...and then put your penis in her mouth. Believe me, girls love this, especially on a first date.