How long until you give it up?

Girls- how long until you give it up- with a new guy you just started dating?

what do you look for before you put out?

Wow. from these answers my balls would explode.

do women understand that there are some really good guys out there, who also happen to be extremely sexual.


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  • For me it doesn't work like that. I've only had 2 relationships, and I thought 3 months was enough in the first one, but it actually depends on the stage our relationship is in.

    I'm not going to have sex with a guy I've met a month ago but I won't either if it's been 6 months and I still feel we didn't reach a level of intimacy where I'd be comfortable doing it. Actually chances are I'd break up with him if we didn't manage to get close enough in 6 months.

    My current relationship is a long distance one and it started 10 months before we had sex, but I would've done it the second it started if an ocean weren't in the way.

    • What so you reached a level of intimacy with someone thousands of miles away in seconds? What is wrong with you? I am sorry but sounds naive to think long distance = real intimacy. I know guys that have multiple girls who are his "girlfriend" long distance. Any they are all happy with him because it is almost impossible to know how faithful someone is when you have an ocean between each other. Just saying.

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    • didnt mean to offend

      Well..when I'm talking with a girl- its just I know I come off real horny. because I really want it.

      but I do only go after girls I actually like.

    • Well that's great. But you see there's the majority of guys who just want sex from a girl. Don't you think it's natural we protect ourselves from being used? Not putting out on the first few dates/ weeks doesn't mean we don't want sex, it just means more to us than it does to guys.

      And if you really like the girl I'm sure you'll be fine with having Jill for a while ;P

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  • Until I see that there are genuine feelings between us. I've only had one relationship, and we waited about 2-3 months. We probably did move a little quick but the two of us were both happy with how our relationship was.

  • Until I'm married!

    If I wasn't so religious, I'd say probably a year and 6 months.

  • I don't think, for me, there's a certain measure of time. It depends on the level of intimacy in the relationship. I'd average about 6 months though :D

  • My old rule was after the third date, but I recently altered it to about a month or two, because I realized after my first "relationship" that some guys are only after one thing and I usually don't sleep with someone until we've been seeing each other for a while. If they leave you before you even did anything then..there you go they were only after one thing.

    • Soo...

      your telling me that:

      If I took you to three different restaurants in the same wouldn't put out

      FOILED again =/

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    • but what if it were just; he just really wanted sex with You ?

    • It just depends on the girl you're with. If you just want to sleep with her, make sure she understands that you're not looking for relationship. Hopefully for you she's the kind of girl that will put out, no strings attached. However, it's VERY rare that girl's that put out right away are relationship material. That's why you have to let them know.

  • I'm waiting until marriage.

  • I love c*ck! lol

    Usually like 3 weeks or so..

    I llike seeing how horny he gets before we've done it..


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  • Most girls give it up on the first date. If you play your cards right

  • the answer for all the girls is gonna be "depends"