Does she want me to call/text her?

Alright so me and this girl had started chatting back and forth on OkCupid, when I suggested we hang out sometime. She responded that she wanted get to know me a little better so she asked me for my Facebook and so we continue the song and dance for a good week now, but I just noticed the other day when I was going to call my one friend her number came up as one of my suggestions when dialing so then I checked her profile and she has her # was right there so I'm not sure if we are on enough level of familiarity to be talking via phone/text but I wanted to get some opinions on the matter. Though I might be over-analyzing it.

We communcated through OkCupid a little over a month just to clarify
Just texted her -fingers crossed- I hope I can at the very least get a response.
No response via text or phone but still communicating through Facebook. Is that a good thing?


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  • So you want to see this girl in person soon, right?

    I would gather up my courage and just text her. Let her know it's you. And if she is weirded out by it, respond with "now that you have my number, I trust you won't be calling/texting me 10 times a day"

    For real - if she freaks out about your number appearing on her phone, calm her down. It's NOT A BIG DEAL. And if she asks how you got it, just be straight about it. Your smart phone automatically put her number in from her Facebook page.

    This girl wants to get to know you better = take her out for a couple drinks some night. You can spend a good hour or two together. And I'm going to be personally honest here - Facebooking or texting back and forth, or doing OKCupid is a passive way to contact and get to know each other. Sure. But I think it SUCKS after 1-2 weeks of just talking. Being in PERSON is where it's at, because then you see each other face to face and you can see how well you both vibe. You exchange body language and see the real person.

    You're afraid you're moving too fast? Aww f*ck it dude - we only have one life to live. And time is ticking away. My friend Bill met this girl at a party. They swapped numbers. 3 days later, they started a relationship. His girlfriend was wanted by other dudes at the party, but he didn't give a sh*t about them. He went for it and got her. That's what happens when you wait around too long and pick your butt, wondering what your next move will be.

    So anyway, TEXT HER. Say you'd like to meet up soon, and make the plans.

    • I tried to see if she wanted to hang out but she said she'd be busy and that she's a bit precautious e, but still wanted to get to know meeting people online as she had a previous experience that from the sound of it didn't go over to well, but sge still felt as though I was worth getting to know better, which prompted her to ask for my FB and I didn't want to alienate her byaking

    • *making her go faster than she want and taking a step back

    • And yes I know being in person is better seeing how its a lot easier to read the subtext when body language is involved but, she'd wants to wait a while, not me and I want to be insistant, but still respect her boundries

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  • maybe it's just me.. but I wouldn't text anyone unless they said it's OK to have their number and talk.. I'd ask her before texting her.

  • Not sure how her # showed up on your phone if you didn't put it in there.

    Anyway, I'd go ahead and text first before calling.

    • I have a smart phone so it automatically synched her contact info from her FB

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    • She seems to have a general interest in me otherwise I don't think she would have responded in the first place ,let alone ask me for my FB and we seem to be into a lot of the same things.

    • And to answer your question I have no idea maybe I sound to whiney

  • So did you text her? Call her?

    • Not yet I don't want her to feel alienated by me moving to fast for her. I want to see how the rest of the week plays out and though I'll admit timing is not my forte

    • OK. Probably not a bad idea.

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