Is it OK to call her first?

I just got this girls number but we only talked for a couple minutes max. She had to leave so I just went on a limb and asked for her number and surprisingly she gave it to me. She didn't hesitate to give the number and she asked for my name so I'm pretty sure it's a legit number. When she got up to leave I asked if she would want to go get some food sometime and she said yes.

Normally when I get a girls number I talk with the for at least 15 minutes first. I then feel comfortable calling in a couple days to ask her on a date. But is this situation any different? Do I need to text her first just to talk a little bit, or would calling still be ok?

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  • Yes, a guy's usually expected to call first.

    Don't text her, just call and confirm your meeting time and place. Short, sweet, simple. Make sure that she can hear "the smile in your voice" that tells her you're happy to be seeing her. It's the polite thing to do and shows that your Momma raised you right. :-)

    • If you had a boyfriend would you give your number out to a random guy like this? Like is it safe to assume she is single?

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    • Well what about a "random guy" meaning a guy who isn't in any class with you and you have never seen him before? He just sat next to you while you are studying somewhere and starts a conversation.

    • She wants to keep in touch for certain, but you can't necessarily determine 100% if that's as a friend or as a prospective date.

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  • Just call her, there's not such a big difference from this one to the others, good luck! ;)

    • How do you feel about a kiss after the first date? Yes or no? It's sad, I'm 18 and haven't had a first kiss yet because I was too focused on school to go after girls. So I don't know what I should do. I've gone on two dates in the past month...the first she just gave me a hug and it didn't feel right for a kiss because I really didn't like her that much. But the second first date I tried for a kiss but she said "not yet". And then she stopped responding to me. Bad experiences trying...

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    • You will find it :) Just wait for the right one. I'm glad I didn't settle for anything less than what I always wanted. This girl is really special and is pretty much what I've been waiting for :D

    • Hehe thanks, that I will do, and yup I'm not settling for anything less than what I want ;) I'm really happy for you, congrats :D

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  • It'd be nice if women would do the asking out for once, it's actually far rarer they do, but if you're interested, just ask her out.

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