What do you remember about the first date with your significant other?

What is your earliest memory or first impression? Do you recall the place and time?

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  • I do. I was with my mum at the time buying new school trousers but I was meeting my friend, a friend I recently met, and my ex (who was friends with my new friend) for the first time.

    I was walking towards him and he was looking at me really intensely. He was so quite and shy he barely spoke to me, but he was an absolute gentleman the whole day, offering me his seat, opening doors for me, etc. He was wearing a black shirt over a white top, a pair of jeans, sunglasses and a little tooth necklace.

    It was in the middle of our local city.

    He told me afterward that even though he was shy by nature, he didn't know what to say to me because he was blown away.

    It was very much love at first sight, and our next meeting was even more amazing.


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  • Yes of course. He came and picked me up. We drove to Goodwill and spent quite a while in there (we got to dress each other up for the date) and then we went to a nice fondue restaurant for dinner. We thought about going to see a show after dinner but we were too late so we just walked around until we found a kind of secluded picnic table and we just sat there and talked for a really long time. Then we realized how late it was so he took me home and I ended up giving him a kiss. It was wonderful.

  • I remember absolutely everything, every word, pretty much everything. I have a very good memory, and it was a very significant day.

    • Well, at 17, you don't need such a good memory. This couldn't have been very long ago!

    • Well, at 17, this must have been quite recent, you wouldn't need such a good memory!

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