There is this girl that has had a crush on me for 3 years but we never talked. How to ask her to prom?

There is this girl that has had a crush on me for 3 years but we never talked . She told everyone that she wants to go to prom with me and she won't go if I don't ask. The thing is I didn't get her a valentine gift because we never talked and because of that it's likes she's avoiding me. The week before for about 3 days she was staring me down. there's only like a month left before prom and I wanna ask her so bad but I never see her. I've never been to any dance, been on a date , or had a girlfriend (lights of girls like me but I'm crazy shy)l.I wanna ask her this Friday before brake so how do you think I should do it. I was gonna take forever to leave my class so I can meet up since she's avoiding me by taking forever to come through that hallway now with her and ask her to prom in front of her friends and everybody .

Prom comes early in south carolina so I kinda forgot


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  • Two passive people is a dangerous thing, because nothing ever really gets done. If you get in a relationship, I doubt it will last, UNLESS one of you, preferably it be you. Ok, so back to prom topics. Well, the same principle should be put in effect. So, if you want to go to prom with her, you need to step up. Look down at your pants. See that? You have balls. You can do this. Man up and you will win in life. So some ideas for prom:

    1. You can fill her locker with a bunch of pieces of paper that say PROM? on them. *Just make sure that it is HER locker*

    2. Scavenger hunt. You can put posters around the school saying go to this room, go to her locker, etc. get creative, and finally that last will lead to you in a classroom or some place else holding flowers for her. Ask her to prom.

    3. If you have math class with her, write on the board: HER NAME + YOUR NAME = PROM?

    It would be helpful to know anything that you may have in common with this girl. It would make getting ideas for a creative prom asking much easier. Anyway you decide, get her flowers. Girls always love flowers. And this doesn't necessarily mean roses. Gerberas are very pretty and unique.

    • No I don't see her anymore this year but on my way to 2 classes and the 2nd time is when she's on the way to her car so the only oppurtunity is in the hallway. I noticed I've been passive at everything in life so I started becoming more demanding but with girls that attitude hasn't entered.

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    • Depends on the girl. I'm pretty sure it will work. Lol, yea do that. Less work. Good luck! :)

    • turns out she's mad at me for not giving her a valetines and has been looking away from me or acting like I'm not there. So I'm not gonna ask her to prom. Kinda just lost feeling for it to after this myself. I usually would be upset but I'm okay with it

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  • The both of you are intimidated by each other. You gotta think... nothing is worse than what you are doing now... NOTHING! & you sort of have reassurance that she wants to go with you, so strike up a casual conversation or be somewhere that she will be and start talking to her to break the ice. Then ask her. Guys need to initiate. Plus...what's the worse thing that can happen.. she says no.

    The best thing to do is start a friendship with a girl. That's what my brother does. He'll sit next to a pretty girl in class. You want to flock where the pretty girls go. So just have your locker near them, hang out with your friend near them. Then when an opportunity like this arrises, it won't be so anxiety provoking because you'll have already established some kind of friendship. Good luck.



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