I like 3 guys, all that I 'can't have' what to do?

I have 3 guys I've been going back and forth between. I like all 3. One we'll call Mark, is this guy who I have a gym class with. he's a fantastic athlete, handsome, shy. However he has a girlfriend he's been dating for a month. We don't really know each other, but we know who each other are and our brothers are friends...matter-of-factly, then there is his brother. His brother, we'll call Devon I also a great athlete, handsome, shy. Hes, like I said a friend of my brothers and we've talked before, say hi to each other. Unfortunately, my cousin whom I'm close with really likes him. She has a feeling he isn't interested but is still trying her best to pursue him. He just got out of a relationship about 4 months ago with my cousins best friend, so its awkward for her. Then there is my friend Roscoe. he's super cute, outgoing, an athlete. We talk often at school. However Roscoe has a girlfriend. Him and her are on and off, he told me at a party that he doesn't really care what she does, where she is, after asking him about how her surgery went she had the day before. he's also always touchy feely with me.

My questions are what should I do with the three of them? try and get rid of the girl friends of the two? or pick a the single one, and hurt my cousin? what to do?

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  • D: Neither. You can't blatantly pick one yourself, you really don't love any of them.


What Girls Said 1

  • None of them. A) Don't go for anyone taken, that's naughty. Plus, you don't want a man that would cheat on his woman, or allow himself to be 'stolen'.

    B) Stay away from someone that someone you care about already likes. Why, oh why would you go there? Chicks before d***s, is that appropriate right now? Haha

    C) So many other tasty morsels out there! Have fun girl!