First date was OK but afterward seemed like an ongoing disaster?

I kind of need advice Because I haven't dated for a while. I'm dating this guy who has been in a long term relationship however he seems somewhat disinterested right now but doesn't seem to be open about it and just say that he's disinterested.

2 out of 4 scheduled dates he's flaked out and one of 4 dates, it really could have been better if he didn't sleep like 3 hours before we went out. he said he probably will see me in a couple dates but I wonder if he's just gonna make another excuse or he's not able to just say 'I'm not interested'?


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  • His actions aren't showing that he is interested. If I were you I'd try to date other people but keep him on the lifeline just to see if things will actually get anywhere.

    If he's like this while dating...just think about how a relationship with him may be? A lot of broken promises probably.

    • yeah I think he had some financial issues after the 2nd date and the 3rd and 4rth, he cancelled last minute.

    • Totally not cool.