Does my boyfriend still have feelings for his ex...? And was I a rebound?

okay, so this all started at the beginning of last year, when my current boyfriend was dating this other girl. They dated for 3 weeks, till she broke up with him because her dad found out and made them brake up. Well, he told me about this (we had previously dated on and off for 3 years, and he, despite my affections, still didn't want to date me, and wanted someone else, which now he blames on

" I just wasn't ready, I was immature" blah blah.) Anyways, he tells me about the break up. Well then after a few weeks, he asks me out. Everything is going good, until his ex wants to talk to him and stuff, and confesses that apparently, she's in love with him. I tell him to just tell her to back off, he says no, I don't want to be mean basically. Well, after that settled out, I knew they still occasionally talked, but I don't know how much, still don't. Now we've been dating a full year by this time, and she adds me on Facebook. She has a boyfriend now, and I tell my boyfriend about it. He doesn't have a clue about it he says. Well, now we've been dating a year and three months, and last week, I glanced over on his phone, to see he was talking to his ex's best friend (yes they keep connections I guess the best friend goes to our school, the ex girlfriend does not). ?... don't know what that's about. Tonight I saw him comment on his ex's status. Did I mention that I've told my boyfriend I don't really like him talking to her, and that he said ill respect that and do what you wish, especially when he hates how I talk to other guys... based on this, what do you think?


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  • My advice is to just keep your eyes and ears open.Some people remain friends with their exes.Its hard to say if you are a rebound or not being that he has dated you now for over a year...meaning...that would be a very looonnngggg rebound relationship.If you're extremely uncomfortable with him taling to her or her best friend,talk to him about it because you don't want to turn into that snooping girlfriend.And if you do,that means the trust is gone from your to him.