Calling a girl for the first time, leave a voice mail or not?

Got a girls number and am calling her tomorrow. If she doesn't answer I have no idea what to do. Leave a voice mail or call back later. Which one is better? If you say call back later, how much later do you think...a couple hours, the next day, a couple days?

Or should I go about it this way: if it goes to voice mail and is a personalized greeting(like it's her voice), then leave a voice mail. But if it's just the automated thing then call back later. Is that a good plan? Again, how long is "later"?


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  • Leave voice mail if it's a personalized greeting. If not, call back later.
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  • Personally, I'd call and leave a VM. If there's no answer by the end of the week, call again. If she doesn't pick up and hasn't replied to your VM at all, drop it.


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  • Leave one voice mail, and rehearse it before you call. Short sweet and to the point, that way you can't accidentally screw it up out of nervousness :) And then you get to wait until she returns the call!

    • You think leave a voice mail even if she doesn't have a personal greeting? Not everyone checks theri voice mails...

    • I know people who don't have personal greetings but check their voice mails. In truth I don't know anybody who doesn't check theirs...?

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  • I think that you should leave her a voice message and at the end say something like "call me back sometime" or "talk to you later". Then you play the waiting game.

    P.S. Don't over think it man, if you spend to much time thinking of what to say if she doesn't pick up then you'll be at a loss for what to say if she DOES pick up.

    • I know what to say in both situations. I'm just unsure of what to do if she doesn't pick up. Are you sure leaving a voice mail is the best?...what if she doesn't check her voice mails?

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    • I'm most likely not going to see her again unless we go out on a date. I saw her studying and sat near her and started a conversation. Normally I like to talk for like 15 minutes or so before getting the number but she had to go meet someone so we only talked for a couple of minutes. She seemed genuinely eager to say yes to getting some food sometime and she didn't hesitate to give me her number. And she asked for my name after she put her number in my phone. So I think it'll work out

    • yea man sounds legit. So if she doesn't answer, just leave a message and hope for the best.