What am I supposed to do now?

So basically this girl that I met online seemed pretty interested in me, she seemed really cool, problem was was she lives an hour and a half away and I don't have a license and she didn't seem crazy about driving the distance, we talked on Facebook quite a bit, she made a few videos for me, I was really starting to like her a lot, and then she started to ignore me and then she pretty much ignored me for a week straight, and yesterday I noticed that she was tagged with some guy in two places and he's been writing on her wall, and she seemed to be responding pretty well to it, so that explains it, so now I have a few options...

1) give a short message sharing my feelings and then block her on Facebook

2) endure, and maybe someday rekindle the friendship

3) just remove or block her without a word

4) Keep trying as in don't go down without a fight, even if I probably can't win

She can contact me through text, she hasn't responded to any text or IMs on Facebook for over a week now, I have a lot of trouble moving on when I don't have anyone to move on but giving up seems so weak, so what do you think? what is my best option?


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  • if you like her don't stop trying. I mean maybe if you guys go out once or twice there will be something there! there's no point in just giving up unless its hurting you. I would tell you to keep trying! good luck(:

    • How though? she's been ignoring all of my attempts to contact her, the only thing I haven't tried writing on her Facebook wall though, what if I tried something like "Well its good to know I haven't heard from you because your dead, but now the reason why looks pretty obvious"

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    • well if it was meant to be then it'll all work out. maybe you should just try being her friend first. like ask her if she wants to just hang out instead of going on a date. make it really casual. :)

      (also will you mark best answer?)

    • I'll just mark you because it looks like you can use the points more than the others xD, and I actually tried that, I wrote on her wall a few weeks ago saying that we should get a bunch of people from each one of our stores and meet up, she said it was a great idea, so I made the event and invited my friends, she joined but then never invited her friends, I don't really get it...

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  • I'd say number 1)

    Its pretty messed up that she'd go from talking you to suddenly ignoring everything you have to say. You have the right to want to release this negative energy and let out the way that you feel. She needs to know how wrong she is.

    Send her one last final message and see if she responds to it. If not, then she is not worth any more of your time. Invest energy in someone who is willing to give it back.

    I hate when people ignore you on Facebook,

    Its like Hello! I can see all of your movements so that isn't going to work.

  • Well,if someone was ignoring me,i would have a problem with it.BUT...dont jump to conclusions just because you see her with a guy.It could be her best friend or something.Anyway,i would give her another week.If she still ignores you,its because she is no longer into you and people figure that ignoring someone is the best way to forget them.Give her just one more week...then drop her and find someone worth your time. :)

    • The ignoring thing is pretty dumb imo, although it may be easier for a woman then turning the guy down, for me and I would think most cases with guys, it only makes us want them more and want to try harder or different things to win their attention

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    • Its very likely that she only sees me as a friend, but she knows I'm a funny guy, I'm also very confident and I realized that I sent her a message kinda calling her out 5 days ago and nothing, this chick has asked me to hang out with her like 3 or 4 times and agreed to invite her friends to an event I made for us and then never followed through so I cancelled it, I feel now like I either need to wait or make a brave move, which wouldn't be a message but right on her Facebook wall for all to see

    • Okay,with this additional information...i would NOT contact her again. This exta info shows that she is going out of her way to ignore you...and attempting to get back at her or to say something harsh is simply not worth it.You have tried to connect with her and she doesn't want that to happen so...just leave it alone I say.Leave it alone and be the confident funny guy...with someone else. :)

  • 2...You really didn't have a real life relationship or commitment. You never met. And blocking is forever. Seems a bit petty. Leave it alone. When you don't know what to do...Don't do anything. It will be ok.


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