Poll for Girls--Does the guy need to pick you up on a date?

So I was having a slight argument with my 50 year old parents. They were insisting that for something to be a date, the guy has to pick the girl up at her house and they go wherever together. I disagreed, said that was fine if they met somewhere. Teens and twenty's of today, what do you say?

  • No, they can meet somewhere and it's a date.
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  • It's not a real date unless he picks her up.
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  • For a first date I would prefer to meet somewhere so I can get to know them before I give them my address. Plus if the date really sucked then your stuck in the car with them on the ride home. lol However after I get to know him picking me up may be more practical then both of us driving.


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  • No, I think it's fine to meet somewhere.

  • we can meet up somewhere

    but its a sweet when a guy picks you up. its nice once in a while :/

  • A - the definition of a date is usually when one or both parties have the intention of meeting up (usually on a one to one unless it's some kind of double date with other couples) because one either likes the other person or the feelings are mutual. People can meet at a mutually convenient location, also it's probably better for the guy, not having to feel embarassed at turning up to the girl's house on a first date and having to meet the parents, especially if the date doesn't work out afterward. I thought this was the 21st century! Anyway, what's wrong with a girl picking up a guy for a date?

  • I would prefer if I met the guy somewhere else rather than having him picking me up..

    I don't like the guy to know where I live, especially during the early stages.


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