Does texting a girl work?

I'm not talking about lame texts like "hey what's up", but like an interesting, teasing conversation.

I texted this girl one day because there's gonna be such a large gap before we see each other around again, so I did it to keep myself in her mind. Or would she just forget about me after we're done texting?


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  • If she's not interested, she might forget about you. But if she is interested, you'll probably be in her mind because she'll be thinking, "oh my gosh, I think he really likes me". But then again, even if she isn't interested, she'd probably be thinking about you for a little while thinking, "I wonder why he texted me" and she'll probably wonder or even assume that you like her, because, well, that's how I am lol. But, I guess it depends on the girl.


What Guys Said 1

  • Texting is just a communication tool Why should it mark her forever if she's not interested?

    • the point is to get her interested if it's gonna be a while if I see her around.

    • Well text her then, and you'll see where it leads.