Nobody wants me. Ever.

Reasons why I WON'T get a girlfriend:

-Apparently, I'm never wanted/what girls are looking for (I've tried dating sites/online stuff several times with absolutely ZERO luck.)

-Girls ALWAYS have a number of guys to choose from

-I'm always just a friend - NO MATTER WHAT MY APPROACH IS - like I'm ASEXUAL or something

-I'm not 6'3 with 200lbs of muscle (I'm slim and toned)

-I'm nice, not a jerk

-Even if I think I'm making progress with a girl, she gets a boyfriend out of thin air. I usually feel lead on by crushes

-Girls are too picky and always hold out for someone better (in my experience, anyway). If you have one flaw, or are not confident 100% of the time, they don't look at you again.

-I'm cute, not "HOT"

(What the hell, might as well include these anyway)

Reasons why I SHOULD (but don't)

-Despite my attitude on this website, I really am a nice guy

-I'm funny

-I'm smart

-I'm cute, or just above average looking

-I'm caring

(NOTE: I'm especially sick of hearing BE PATIENT, IT WILL HAPPEN or IT WILL HAPPEN WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT because that is honestly b.s. - it either happens or it doesn't. And how about those people who have relationship after relationship? Do you honestly think the time is always right for them? No, of course not.)


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  • I've felt like this at points in the past, and all I can say to you is if you see a girl that you like give her the signs that you are interested and try and get her number. I know that your probably thinking that it's not that easy but seriously just go up to a random girl and confidently say hi and ask her how she is then slip her your number and walk off, she will either text you or she won't but some girl will text you. And once a girl texts you make her fall for you but don't come on too hard or she might get freaked out just be your self :)

    • I appreciate your comment, especially after the user below you. But I AM myself and when I am, girls don't care for that either. So it's like I'm not wanted at all, and no matter what I do, girls don't fall for me.

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    • Then maybe you need to change how you approach them, like even a subtle difference could change things dramatically

    • How SHOULD I be approaching them then...

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  • I'm not gonna sugar coat it. There is obviously something about you that girls don't like. Maybe you should try a different type of girl or something. I just do not appreciate you saying "girls are too picky, if your not 100% confident they won't look at you, blah blah b.s." as if it was all of us. There are plenty of girls out there with the same problem as you saying the same things you just listed. For the record, my fiancĂ© is only 5'4" and he's not all that muscular either. He is super nice and caring and never once in our 3 years together has he ever been a jerk to me and he's a super sweet gentleman and I love him for that. So I'm sorry I have to disagree that some of the reasons your not getting a girl is bcs your not tall muscled up and not a jerk. I'm direct proof that not all girls want a disrespectful jerk for a perter so get over your sob story. Either keep trying and find a good girl or give up and stop complaining about bull sh!t.

    • lol

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    • No, actually I don't want you at all. Don't you dare put words in my mouth.

    • Don't you dare predict my future without even knoing me how about that? Honestly, I would LOVE to be a single mom. Just bcs that obviously means I'd have kids. I found out like a year and a half ago I can't have kids ever. Some kind of overian malfunction. Well there goes that. So how about you quit judging and stop being a jerk and go off and try to find someone? Probably a much better use of your time.

  • I don't know if this would work or if you would do it, but it might be worth a shot. You should go out of town and act completely differently for one night. I don't know if you are old enough to go to a bar or club, but just go to one or a party. Even if you don't drink, just go. Just act differently. You could just go up to a girl who is dancing and start dancing with her. Approach a girl at the bar with a lame pick up line. Just go to see what happens. Maybe build your confidence a little.

    • why should he change his personality ... that's just stupid .. a girl should like a guy for who he is

    • I just think he should go out and get some confidence. Then he can be more confident with the girl he likes and I think it'll get him farther.

    • Confidence won't change anything. How about all the times I WAS confident and I wasn't good enough for anybody?

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  • i have the same problem tried date sites etc but its like a disease or something no one wants me ether

    i don't think I'm cute or funny

    but I just try to think of other things even though it always bounces back

    what I've learned though is girls just don't want guys like us

    i know it sucks and this answer probably won't help but your not the only one with this problem

  • Maybe you should get a boyfriend instead.

    • LOL

    • only joking.i know how you feel man, its hard.girls are so judgmental you know! you need to take control.

    • Well, you see, regardless of taking control or not - girls just never want me? I don't know why, I have lots to offer - but they always over look it.

      It's like I was meant NOT to have a girlfriend.