Pre-date nerves.... HELP ME?!

Well I've split up with a guy who has been treating me bad for a couple of weeks today (he never wanted to see me!) He basically told me there was no spark.. which he has said previously twice and come running back, so I have all confidence in this happening again when I show him what he's missing, which this time I won't be taking him back.. I deserve better. This other guy has been texting me and wanting to take me on a date for a while now. We have never spoken in person but he has massive positive comments about from people and teachers at my college as he is doing the same course only 2 years above me (i'm in first year he's in third) He is lovely in text and on Facebook to me and says he really enjoys talking to me and wants to spend time with me. And for some time I've made excuses about doing things because I always hoped things would get better with the guy I was dating. But now I think to hell, this guy actually wants to spend some time with me and it gorgeous and nicer to me, why the hell not?! Truth is though I am so scared of going tomorrow and completely nervous as we've never spoken before! What can I do or where can I suggest we go?!?!?!


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  • I totally understand how you are feeling. It's always so scary going out with someone new! But just relax he's only a guy, just another person in this world. I would suggest going somewhere really relaxed and comfortable, maybe meet up at a coffee shop or at a park or somewhere that you will feel at ease. And trust me, once you get there and get the initial awkward meet and greet out of the way and just start talking, you're nerves will just disappear!

    P.S. forget about the other guy, never let anyone treat you badly, you don't deserve it!

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