How many weeks does it take you to ask a girl to be your girlfriend?

If you've been steadily dating a girl for a while and you guys get along super well and kiss and cuddle and stuff, how long does it usually take you to decide to make it official?

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at what point do you start referring to her has your girlfriend? what makes it official?
What would cause you (or any guy) to kiss, have sex (take her v-card) do everything a couple does but never introduce her as your girlfriend and never hold her hand in public for 4 months or more?


Most Helpful Guy

  • i never ask, if she wants to that's fine, but other wise whatever happens, happens

    • then what makes it official? how long before you start referring to her as your girlfriend?

    • well most of the girlfriends I've had have brought up the topic, but those who didn't I guess it just kinda happened haha, I can't remember exactly how haha

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What Guys Said 2

  • I usually don't put that much thought into it, just kinda whenever she's ready.

  • I don't ask girls to be my girlfriend, I just ask them on dates

    • at what point do you refer to them as your girlfriend?

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    • well I guess its the same reason the girl wouldn't do those things (whatever that may be) because I feel like the title is definitely something girls care more about than guys, so if she wants it she's gunna have to initiate it. the hand holding, I don't know some people just don't like to do that stuff in public I guess

    • ok but she did bring it up with him and he refused to consider her his girlfriend. to me that means he doesn't like her very much...i know it's something that girls care more about but if it means that he never really liked her then she deserves to she can move on with her life.

What Girls Said 1

  • If you feel like the time is right and feel like you guys are already heading in that direction, she is probably feeling the same way! So go ahead and ask her or at least let her know you would like to be in a relationship with her.

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