For guys... are there "rules" for texting?

hi there! just in general... how do texting work? lol I mean... I've notice that when I just meet a guy he usually texts a lot... then eventually slows down... then even fades out... before I used to text them a lot too... but then I realized I could be taken as "needy" so tried to slow down... but now... I don't know when would be OK for me to text 1st... if I should let them waiting a little bit... if it's OK for me to suggest hanging out...


or even if you get some adivece, example or whatever on how to get the guy ask you out would be awesome! hahaha Thanks everyone!


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  • Texting isn't supposed to be meant for having a conversation. In fact it was originally meant for the deaf as well, the obvious caught on to other people and has become a fad ever since...trending worldwide (in twitter terms). It's meant for quick things like "hey, can I call you" or "hey, do you want to meet up". If you want to talk to him and have a conversation, call him. Don't worry about seeming clingy. Typically, girls can't really do that, let us worry about that! Also, while there are "rules" to texting, I wouldn't worry about them, it'll only drive you nuts

    • haha ok... thanks!

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  • I guess I'm kinda old but 5+ years ago people use to talk on phones, even when getting to know someone. If I really liked someone I'd call them and maybe text if I was indifferent. Also when texting I personally wouldn't play games. I'd do what I wanted and felt rather than what other people do or follow a dance that others do. I know a lot of people are cryptic and talk in codes but it's not my thing, I'm very honest.

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  • Text him first, if you want nothing wrong with that. Most guys don't mind texting but if he doesn't reply don't take it personally.


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