This girl is confusing me, and I need help! I am stuck!

So this girl I have been dating for over a month now has stated she 'wants to take it slow' but she talks about sex and adult toys and asking about my size all the time, yet she tells me the 'sex jokes have to stop'.

I met her dad last week, and he thinks I am lying about certain things I have done in my past, like college abroad, and certain jobs I've had. So unfortunately his opinion is influencing his daughters opinion (who is 21 and in college BTW), I am mid 20's and run my own business.

So So So, now she is really questioning everything I have told her and she says 'Do you have proof you did these things' and just being really interrogative. I am confused at her intentions, and no matter what I can't shake this feeling that she has someone she is currently interested in. She never questioned anything until her dad started filling her head.

She is a beautiful woman, but she is also very self-concise of her weight and thinks she is fat (she is about 5'6" and 190lbs). I have told her numerous times that she isn't and that I love her just as she is and she is beautiful to me, but she is so immature it is beyond belief. I too am a little on the hefty side, (think Kevin James) and she says I'm not the kind of guy she goes for usually.

I have been very courteous, chivalrous always opening doors, coats, etc you name it. Flowers, Orchids, Lillie's everything and pulling out every stop.

What should I do? What is she thinking? Why is she sending mixed signals.

BTW she also said she wants to wait for sex and kissing until married. What the heck does she think I am? A-Sexual or something?

What can I do to tell her that she is nuts (but in a nice way!)?

What should I do to get her to understand that not everyone is a liar?

What should I do to get her to trust me considering her dad filling her head with these messed up ideas? Does he want her to himself?

Is this crazy:?

Am I Crazy?

Is she Crazy?

Peace and Love,

Confused in portland.


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  • maybe she enjoys talking about it and teasing you but doesn't feel comfortable with actually doing it yet. I don't think her statment about wanting to wait for sex until married has anything to do with you or thinking you are aesexual or anything like that. It's just her own decision about her own body and I highly doubt her decision had anything to do with her thoughts about your sexual orientation.

    You want to tell her she is nuts but also get her to trust you? Well, maybe it would better to tell her that her father is incorrect but I do not think her choice about when she wants to have sex makes her nuts. It's her body, her life, her decision.

    • It's not so much she thinks I am A-Sexual, its that she says 'her religion is against' but she had sex with another guy prior to me and said 'he kept asking so she gave in', besides she seriously considers her dad's opinion which is faulty at best. I love her but I am confused about her! 'Her mouth says no, but her legs say Oh God Yes More!'

    • She did it before, regrets it and now has made the decision not to do it again until marriage. Again, I don't think her decision has anything to do with you nor do I think she's nuts. Your statement that her legs say "more' is actually disrespectful - I get that you're frustrated but she did it with an ex and now doesn't want to have anymore sex. Clearly her mouth and body are saying the same thing. Plus it is normal to trust your dad who loves and raised you over some other guy.

  • well first of all if you can't respect her wishes to save sex for marriage, then maybe you shouldn't be with her.

    I know for a fact that I wanted to save sex for marriage and my guy couldn't respect that and raped me and now that we are married I bring it up every 2 weeks and am really upset that he did what he did and he could have waited. We are probably going to end of divorced because of this.

    • Thanks, but not even relevant. You didn't answer the rest of the question!

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