Online dating, is it worth it?

I don't have much time to meet new guys and majority of the guys in my town I know already. I just want to meet someone new. I'm not ugly or anything. I workout 5 days a week I just never meet new guys. I'm hesitant to use dating sites because I'm a little worried that someone may find my profile and make a big deal out of it. Are dating sites actually worth it?


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  • Depends. Many harbor lots of folks who are by and large "less than desirable" and sit by their computer too much. Check this vid in the subject - I just visited a friend from London who showed me:

    Some sites are better than others like - inherent creativity helps weed out some of the baddies :-)

    I think you are better off taking some classes or doing community service, to meet somebody nice.

    Good luck

    • I already take classes and volunteer a lot on campus lol. But thanks.

    • Great. Keep eyes peeled for nice guys who actually do nice things not just claim they like "quiet walks on the beach".

    • Unfortunately I know all of these guys in my town lol.

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  • I'm going to register for one as I don't have the time to look or even know where to look.

    I need to invest some cash into myself, since women on dating sites are very picky.

    Wouldn't date anyone outside of the tri-county area.

  • Depends how far. If its in another state, forget it.

    • Huh? I'm talking about dating sites...

    • Yeah, but that usually means "long distance". I wouldn't put much effort into it.

  • You can find people yea. Some are crazy, and some are just looking for hookups. Some, unfortunately, are unattractive.

    You just have to go into it not expecting too much really

  • No they are not... There are a lot of screwed up people out there. My heart has been smashed to bits by finding someone too far away on a dating site. Often people will misrepresent themselves badly on dating sites. You can try but keep your guard up and verify everything you can before agreeing to meet someone. Look for real pics in real situations, meet for coffee first, don't let them know where you live, be cautious.


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