Online dating dilemma?

I went on one date with this guy I met through an online dating site. This was my first time doing anything of the sort and was totally skeptical. But he was seriously awesome. We had a great date and it was clear he was dragging it on by doing something afterward and walking me back. He said I was attractive, he had fun, he wanted to do it again. So all good signs right? He's a really busy guy so when last weekend didn't work it was fine. He hasn't asked me to hang out though and told me to keep letting him know when I'll be in the city. We talked about relationships and agreed we'd want to be friends first. We have a lot in common and got along perfectly well. There's chemistry and everything was laid out it seems like he's interested in me. Problem is he's one of those people who takes forever to text back and I hate having to tell him when I'll be there why can't he just ask to hang out with me?

I don't want to be the super aggressive one. Is he just not that into me? Should I try one more time and then if it fails forget about him?


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  • I know you're worried that you're being aggressive, but you're just being assertive. You want things to develop right? So making extra steps on your part isn't a bad thing.

    He's made it clear he wants to see you again and that he finds you attractive. So there's no reason to assume the opposite or give up.

    You said you met him through online dating. This makes me think that he might be somewhat socially anxious and apprehensive. It would explain why he takes a while to respond to texts or that he doesn't make efforts to plan things. People who have these characteristics usually avoid things even though they would like to do them. They're just nervous or worried about the "what ifs".

    He said he wanted things to continue and they can if you want them to. He just may need an extra kick sometimes.


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  • i think you should just leave him alone and let him come to you. if he doesn't try and make some plans with you within a few days, then move on.