The guy I like texted me last night at 1:30 in the morning asking me to come over to watch movies...but...

his friend was over too and he started texting me asking me to come over also. then they started txting about jokinly dirty things which I knew was a joke.

im confused why they would do that. if the guy I like didn't like me would he still txt me or ignore me? are they making fun some how? I'm confuzed with his behaviour.


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  • they were probably drunk or just trying to show off too each other , like daring each other to say things don't worry he still likes you he was just trying to impress his friend!

    • Thank you

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    • No, but he was at work all day....

    • Ahhh that's alright then

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  • He may like you, but be weary of a man who talks dirty and rings you in early hours of the night, cause he may just want one thing, also it does show some disrespect calling or texting at that time.

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