Two exes contacted me yesterday, boyfriend saw both, I didn't reply to either of them, but I'm scared..

So, yesterday I just had noooo luck. First of all, I had posted a status saying that I was stuck at home all day sick and that it sucked..blah blah blah, and to text me if anyone's bored. Well, one of my ex's texted me. I didn't text him back because I live with my boyfriend, I definitely would not want to mess things up with him for an ex, not my cup of tea. Well my boyfriend saw the text and got really mad, so I pointed out to him that I did not text him back or text him in the first place, so he apologized and was really sweet after that.


about 1am we were laying in bed and he is on the outside, my phone starts to ring.

It's an ex who I haven't talked to in a long time, I thought he had moved on, etc...well, of course my boyfriend was not happy about that either.

I don't blame him, I would've been the same way.

Sooo...we went to sleep RIGHT after that because there was no point in fighting.

Soo...I woke up and went to work this morning, so I haven't talked to him yet.

How is he going to react?

Or how should I act?

Or should I say something?

I'm at a loss...

I don't want him being mad at me or me losing him over this. Because, I had NOTHING to do with either of these situations. I didn't even answer or reply or anything.

But I understand why he would think I am talking to these guys...

I need advice :(


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  • Wow. So you don't think he should leave you but yet you put HALF NAKED PHOTOS OF YOURSELF ONLINE? Is he okay with this? Probably not. Does he know? Probably not. Even if the exs don't "matter" you still should have enough self respect and decency to not do that for both you and your boyfriend.