How to maintain focus, or not let things bother you?

I really like this girl, and I'm slowely talking to her more and more. However, some things are bothering me a lot more than they should. For example: she is friends with a lot of guys, and whenever she talks to one of them, peticuliary this one guy where they almost went out once but there good friends now, whenever they talk, I start to feel bad. It's there's this random ball of sadness right in my chest and it does not only affect the way I am around her afterward, but with my friends aswell. I shouldn't be feeling that ball, I know they're just friends, but for some reason, it kinda hurts:P I should be able to talk with them, not only do I really care about her, but I'm starting to get along with the guy. So, why I am I so worried or affected by this?

There is a past to this, but nothing that can really change the outcome to this. But, something that might is that a few years back, my mother passed away. I've gotten more control of the emotions that I felt from the lost and I'm able to live my life, but could the whole girl thing be affected by this?

I don't know:P All I know is that I really care about this girl and if I can't go out with, at least we can become good friends. But with this ball of sadness, how do I get rid of it, I want to be able to live my life regardless of what happens with this girl. They're just friends, I know that, but why does it bother me?


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  • why does it bother you? because you wish youwere as close to the girl as he is..

    • Ya haha! No duh:P I don't want it to bother me tho, any ideas?

    • Your freinds with him right? maybe tell him how you feel about the situation and ask him to put in a good word for ya haha

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