What is the cutest way to ask my friend to the prom? (she's just a friend, not gf)

I already know for sure that she is going to say yes, I just want to surprise her with something really cute. It has to be something simple (not to expensive or difficult) and most importantly, UNIQUE- I don't want something that everyone does/says like bake a cake or balloons or make a puzzle. Also don't want anything corny like get a gold fish and say "of all the fish in the sea, choose me." Its got to be something that she will absolutely love and everyone else will be jealous of. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated, thanks!


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  • Have some coffee and put an eyeball in it. Let her drink the coffee and stumble upon the eye. When she goes to freak out say really seriously "I see you"

    don't crack keep up the creepy and just when she is about to freak out say "and me at prom!" :D make sure to yell and smile really big. If that's not original I don't know what is


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