What do I do about this girl I met online? Is she playing games?

So I met this girl on a dating site. We chilled Thursday night and had a good time. We ended up kissing and wrestling and everything. Very playful and flirty. :D I left late (2:45am) because I had school the next day and she was tired, plus it was late. I text her when I got home and she wrote me back and we said good night. I asked her if she wanted to see me again and she said "indeed I do!".

Now, not to sound creepy but here's what I noticed...I happened to look at her dating profile real quick when I got home...it said that she had signed on at 2:55am. So she already signed on to check it right after I left? Then she only text me a few times yesterday and she was at work. She got done at 10:30pm. Around 7:30pm I said to her, hit me up later when you're out of work or something. She never did. I actually text her but got nothing back. I looked again and saw she had signed on to the site again late last night (around 2:45am). I also had added her on Facebook, she went on and never accepted me. Still haven't heard anything from her.

My question is, what's the deal? What should I do? Is she playing games? Maybe changed her mind? I don't understand what's going on or what to do. I feel a little hurt honestly, because she had a good time with me, and right after she goes to see if other guys have wrote her. I mean...wtf?

Hit her up in a text a few hours ago. Still hasn't said anything. I think the message is pretty loud and clear by now.

It's so messed up how I can have a good first date, then be ignored and discarded for no reason. Depressing and discouraging.


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  • I think if you haven't heard it from the horse's mouth maybe from someone whose rode with the horse will help? Okay, bad intro bad what can I say, tried jaja.

    Back to being serious and a little too foward, I've don't this dating cite thing and what can I say, there's many fish in the sea and she's NOT palying mind games with you, she's just testing the waters, seeing what she like and not likes, who she enjoyed better times with, the compatibility between the two of you.

    Here's the thing, that's awesome that you felt something intense, something nice, great, amazing with her that day, but remember, its a DATING CITE.

    Please do yourself a favor and don't take it seriously or worse, personal when this girl is doing herself a favor and making sure she doens't waste your time or hers by going out with you just because of the chemistry. Maybe she wanted someone serious, menaing she'll be taking her TIME and being SERIOUS about who to spend time with for not months but years.

    If I were you, I'd have have fun meeting more woman not just her, if she's still in your mind after other great dates with other woman than hit her up, if she meets you halfway by responding than give it a second date and this time be clear that you want her all for yourself because I bet you never mentioned to her about wanting to have a serious relationship, you didn't claim her as yours, so what did she do? She went to find herself more guys or plain and simple, she's again, testing the waters. There's nothing wrong with that since the both of you where casually dating.

    • Ugh, what is with this testing the waters game playing bullsh*t? So much time is wasted on this nonsense that could be put forward in to possibly developing something with each other.

    • She's just meeting different people, and if you really want something serious to develop then go for her all the way.

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  • Well since you guys met on a dating site there is no doubt in my mind that you were one of one hundred other guys that messaged her. Since you guys are not officially a couple, she is just playing the field with the other guys. I am almost certain that she has met and talked to other guys after you. She probably already found someone she likes more than you and she is probably not telling you to stop texting her or she is not interested because if that guy doesn't work out and she knows you are into her, then she can just go back to you.

    • I asked her if she's every met anyone from a site and she said no, I was the first. I met her Thursday night.

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    • Why would you lie about that?

    • Some people are like that. She may of been embarrassed to tell you that she has been on one before

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  • This happens a lot and is honestly why I don't use those sites anymore.

    The reality of the situation is that if she even looks somewhat "decent" she's flooded with messages from guys who are interested. When she signed on that night she was probably thinking "Lemme see how many more messages I got" and probably had a ton. Unfortunately, there are both girls and guys who go through these amazing first dates and suddenly the other person just "disappears."

    I can definitely understand why you're hurt, but if you're gonna keep at this, it's gonna be critical that you get numb to this. The girls on these sites are extremely shady and usually have a huge reason for being on the site and that reason is most likely a dealbreaker on many guys' lists. They're either damaged, hiding another person, have family drama, drug abuse or excessive drinking issues, etc. The girls complain about guys just wanting sex but unfortunately mosta the girls on these sites don't have any real qualities that make a guy want more than sex from them as it is.

    So honestly, if you're gonna keep meeting girls off these sites, keep it simple. It's very easy to "hit it off" but be prepared for this to potentially happen a lot. If the girls' a "6" even in the looks dept she's being messaged a whole lot.