I'm in love with two men?

Long story short - I think I'm in love with two men and I need advice. The first one is my boyfriend, of 4 years. I fell hard for him and I thought he was the one...up until about 4 months ago. 4 months ago I started a new job and the moment I laid eyes on this guy I knew it was going to be trouble. At first, I acted cold to him and wouldn't give him the time of day...I knew he liked me and I didn't want to like him back. About two weeks ago I have been letting my guard down and I can feel myself falling for him. He hasn't made a move and has been very respectful. But god damn, the way he looks at me makes me melt. I don't know what to do. Do I explore my feelings for this guy at work or do I put my guard back up and hope that these feelings will pass?


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  • If you stay with your boyfriend then lay off of the co worker... If you dump your boyfriend then the co worker is free game... the choice is yours... but do not date 2 guys at the same time

  • I went to a strip club and instantly fell for a stripper there. mmm I wonder if I should explore my feelings with her in a private lap dance? Perhaps I will discuss this with my girlfriend and she how she feels about it.


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