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I have been dating my girlfriend for two years now, and I have lived with her and her family for one year now, including her sister. My girlfriend is beautiful, and her sister is a spitting image. (Not twins.) I have always had a little crush on her sister since high school, but met her my Senior year. We fell in love instantly. Although I find her sister attractive, and we get along very well, her personality is no match for my girlfriend's. The thing is though, I have mentioned on multiple occasions, jokingly of course, that to have her and her sister both would be the most amazing experience. The first time I had mentioned this, my girlfriend said that if she would consider it, but I had to be the one to get her sister interested. With Valentine's day just passing, I had bought her and her sister both a bunch of flowers. I had also wrote a card expressing to her how I think she is beautiful. Over the year, I really started getting to know her, and I'm still unsure whether that was a bad thing or not. Because now the problem is, I have grown to care about both of them. I love my girlfriend more than anything in the world, but now when I hear her sister talking about a guy she likes, or who tried to hook up with her, I can't help but get jealous. Like a gentleman, I give her my man-side advice, most of which ends in me explaining how all the guy wants is sex. I pick up on little signs from her, such as trying to get me to do stuff with her while my girlfriend is at work, like teach her to drive, and take her to food places, and watch TV with her. But I still don't know what to do about everything. Do I express my intentions? Do I tell them both I have grown feelings for them? Maybe a relationship with both could work out. I need advice on not only this, but what do I do to make them appreciate me more as well?


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  • Ew. That's all I have to say. I know it's a guy's fantasy yada yada yada, but that is just sick.

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    • They already do stuff together, I just want to be part of it.

    • So take them shopping or go to the beach.

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  • That's really insane, you can't be with both, you gotta choose one. you should just concentrate more on your girlfriend than her sister, because this is gonna hurt your girlfriend a lot when she'll know that you are attracted to her sister as well.

    my advice to you is to not contact her sister so much.

    • we all live together though, so less contact is not an option.

    • try to be more with your gf! stop making plans that include her sister!

  • oh lord. then you really don't love your girlfriend.

    • why is it wrong to care about two people who also love each other? I love my girlfriend very much and would never do anything to hurt her.

    • if you TRULY are in love with her, you wouldn't have thoughts to even look at somene else...hence the idea that I think you love her, not in love

    • Human nature causes attraction. Being around people causes emotional bonding. It would be unnatural for me to not have grown feelings for someone I have been living with for over a year.

  • what if you had a relationship with both of them and they both got pregnant? just wondering if you thought about all this. Your kids would be siblings, cousins and them "moms" and aunts and you a dad to both and a uncle? then you get the point. This usually ends in a tradgey.

    • I have, and even kid about it to my girlfriend. It wouldn't get that serious, and if it did, more power to me.

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