Guys, why would you not contact a girl even though you like her?

This guy I'm seeing is totally confusing. It's clear that he likes me, because all of his friends know it. If we're making plans to hang out in a group, all of the other people mysteriously have things to do and we end up hanging out alone. He always cuddles and kisses me, and at parties, he can't keep his eyes off of me. He remembers all the details of our conversations, and we hang out 2-3 nights a week at least, sometimes more. Our dates are like 6+ hours.

But he never contacts me! When I text him, he usually doesn't reply, unless it's a direct question asking to hang out. But if I text him something like "hey want to hang out in 30 minutes" he usually calls me right away, so I don't know what the deal is. Are there some guys who are just really bad at keeping in touch?


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  • Text messages work on a best-effort system, meaning they can be lost/dropped.

    Yes, you pay for something that might not get to its destination.

    He might not just be getting text messages, or your messages do not require a reply.

    e.g. Call me if you want to talk about it...

    That does not require a reply if he doesn't want to talk about it...


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  • I'm also a guy that hates to text. The only time I use it regularly is when I travel.

    But, I am wondering if he has ever asked you out on a date himself. Like saying : Do you want to go eat dinner Saturday?"

    • yeah, he does. he asked me out for valentine's, and I'd say we do about 50-50 of asking out. I just wish that he'd text me at some other times too, just to say hi.

  • I hate texting with a passion, I prefer talking and hearing the tone and emotion in their voice. It makes communicating and understanding what they're saying easier. Calling also makes it so you have a constant connection with them.


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