He quit calling me!

Explain something to me...Why the f*** would a guy after 2 months being in a beautiful relationship (we were both sure was going to go somewhere) just stop calling? I'm 20 years old he's 26, he was living with me temporarily, he got a new job a new apartment and I haven't seen him since he moved out which was 2 weeks ago and he hasn't called me in over a week. He won't answer my phone calls. He says he's busy and always texts me

"i'll call you later" and never calls. IF YOU WANT TO END A FUCKIN RELATIONSHIP BE A MAN AND TELL ME TO MY FACE I'M A BIG GIRL I'M NOT SCARED! In a matter of 24 hours he just stops calling. And a lot of his stuff is still at my place. Explain this bullshit to me...P.S. I'm sorry for the anger but trust me when I say I'm f***ing pissed off!

I should've submitted this in break-up, even though we technically haven't broken up yet.


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  • Wow girl. Sounds like you got yourself played and have every right to be pissed. Hopefully that stuff he left behind has some value to it so you can give it to him in pieces.

    As for believing the relationship was going somewhere; he seems to have just used this as a ploy to keep himself in a place to stay.

    Sorry that happened to you but don't hate us all because of this ass.


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