How do I choose which one to go for?

There's two guys going for me right now, they're like best friends. I don't understand how they're both going for me, wouldn't that be awkward? Obviously, if I'm gonna hook up, I can only choose one. How do I decide? Also, I'm going on a party bus and they're BOTH gonna be on it. What should I do! Also, I kinda like one of their friends, so should I not hook up with either?


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  • Waitttttttt... this smells fishy to me.

    There is is guy going for you

    His friend is going for you you

    hmmmm... All I can say is that guys don't break their friendship over a girl, unless they're both serious about her, which I doubt they are right now, so you are basically "the toy" to them right now. There is a chance that they will take turns dating you and playing with your emotions and getting physical.

    Take this from someone experienced (me) who witnessed her two good guy friends play with her female friend.

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